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Gulf Coast Plastering is a second generation stucco plaster company that has stood the test of time. Our company is committed to providing products and workmanship of the highest level to our clients. Established and incorporated in Gulfport Mississippi in 1966, Gulf Coast Plaster has remained CONSISTENT. In 1990 a new face by the name of Mark D. Bowman took the CEO seat and has led this company as strong as it has ever been. Mark started as a stucco lath, which is the first step in the stucco process, this consists of water resistant paper and metal components that lay the essential framework for the concrete to adhere too. After some years further, he began the stucco application process, which includes applying the bonding agents, scratch coat, and the browning/ leveling layer which makes up the first coat. It was through these experiences that Mark learned that the stucco process was not only tedious but an art. With this new knowledge and appreciation for the process he performed every project to the highest standard and has since completed over 1,600 jobs with a crew that he has trained with his extensive knowledge. Gulf Coast Plasterings installers use professional grade Portland Cement Plaster and gypsum plaster; Exterior Installation Finish System , (EIFS) . Creating a custom texture exclusive to our company just for you and your project. Our company has successfully consolidated these tested techniques along with decades of combined experience in applications to provide you and your project with peace of mind and integrity that will stand the elements of the weather.Our market includes both residential and commercial properties. The goal and the mission of Gulf Coast Plastering is to “ Do it right the first time” start to finish. GCP is licensed and incorporated which allows us to serve not only Mississippi but also many surrounding states. Your Vision is Our COMMITMENT!

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